Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review : Luscious HD Mineral Liquid Foundation

Hi  , and sallam to all , hope your doing fine , before i jump into the rebiew i would like to tell you all that i purchased a few items today inclusing : the body shop love lip gloss , Loreal paris glam shine lip gloss , maybelline define a lash mascara . I will be reviewing rimmel lipstick soon and can anyone tell me the price of 4u2 Xtreme mascara ?
so , lets get started

What does luscious say about it's product ?:
Luscious says that this High Definition Mineral Foundation is a silky, lightweight foundation made from pure minerals with all the benefits of a skincare treatment. The soft-matte formula is infused with minerals, vitamins and deep sea water. Glides onto your skin for perfect coverage, and evens out your complexion while allowing your skin to breathe. Continued use will make your skin smoother and clearer, even when you're not wearing foundation!
This foundation has been specially formulated to provide all the benefits of mineral makeup without compromising on coverage or staying power, and minimizes pores and imperfections for a high definition finish.
It comes in 5 shades. You can check it out here.
Sorry for the photo , forgot to rotate it 

it comes in a  long bottle and you can easily press the bottle for foundation . NO MESS :D
and the bottle it self is really pretty and light weight its 30 ml

My thoughts :
well i was kinda shocked actually , it was really worth the buzz its getting ! , when i applied it the first thing i noticed that it was extremely light weighted , which i absolutely love about it <3 !! . its very sheer and when i applied it i thought oh no its gonna look cakey but i was really suprised on how invisble it looked on my skin , while giving the coverage i need! it did make my skin radiant as luscious promised ... it also claims that it will make it smoother and clearer , it did , as its mineral foundation .It also very long lasting it stayed on almost throught the whole day without having me to reapply , i also noticed that i didnt need to use a compact to set it  it really does give you a natural glow although if you donot like the glowy look and prefer a matte finish you will need a compact . Another thing i love about this product is , you donot need alot of it on your face little bits are perfectly fine .

i also like that its super moisturising and it give you a really nice glow , it didnot clog my pores or break me out . I also love tht its  light coverage as i do very  prefer light coverage , but you can also buil it up for a fuller coverage

Swatch of the product on my hand : ( i aso have one i did on my arm if you want to see it comment below and i will happily upload it ):

without flash

it also contains Pearl powder , sea water , ocean minerals and vitamins .

Contains 0% Oil, 0% Talc and 0% Fragrance
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
i have combination skin along with sensitive , it didnot irritate my skin and it some how controlled the oils around my T zone which i normally have  :O

Overall , i love this foundation i got it for rs 1175 , affordable for a great mineral foundation , ireally  like this one :)

Would i reccommend ?
YES !!!!!!

Here is a video of how to apply this foundation :  by Luscious


  1. great review :) I love this foundation too

  2. Hey Saleha! Nice review :) I have tagged you for a Stylish Blogger award on my blog :)
    Check it out :

  3. @rabeeyah thank you so much , really im really glad :D imma now check it out

  4. you know i dont understand an HD foundation ? sheer? Its a weird combination. HD foundation is always medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen. for me its a fail

  5. @sarah the coverage is build able you can build it up to full coverage

  6. I had been searching for a review on this! Thanks for posting :)


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