Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review: Maybelline's GREAT LASH Clear Mascara

Today i will be reviewing Maybelline's GREAT LASH Clear mascara
is it the perfect mascara/brow gel in one?!

read my review to find out

Hello and sallam to all
today i will be review Maybellline's GREAT LASH clear mascara .
Its been talked about for a very long time , its not a new product to the market . It serves as a clear mascara and a brow gel to tame and keep your brows in place all day long!

What does Maybelline say ?:

Lift and separate your lashes and brows with this clear gel mascara. Formulated with ProVitamin B5 to strengthen and nourish lashes.For best results, apply mascara from outer lash to inner lash from root to tip. do not let dry between coats. Removes easily with soap and water or Maybelline Expert Wear 100% Oil Free Makeup Remover.

My thoughts:

Packaging: it comes in a clear 13 ml tube with a green top . It is small and lightweight and can easily fit into your purse if you want to carry it with you !
It does not leak . The packaging is simple and snappy

Well , This is my second repurchase of this mascara .
 Its lightweight and not sticky at all! It has a hand sanitized scent to it , however it doesn't bother me . It didn't irritate my skin or my eyes !

I love this product for the fact it keeps my eyebrows in place all day ! without feeling heavy/sticky . In fact i have gotten compliments on how i keep my eyebrows in place/shape ! Truly this is a must have for taming your eyebrows

Now on to the actual part of this mascara .. the actual mascara
I find that it does lengthen and  and volumizes just a tad bit  . I do have naturally long and alot of lashes near the outer corner; but when i applied this i found that it stuck like every other lash to it self but the overall look gave out the define eye look

The wand is very good for the lower lashes! it defines and lenghtens them very well and opens up the eye

The wand is straight and stiff , but not in a bad way . I'm not too crazy about the wand

The best part about the mascara is that its a GREAT eyelash primer ! i mean just amazing . I apply a coat of this BEFORE my regular mascara or any clumpy mascara and this makes it go on so smoothly ! and it makes the mascara not clumpy at all and separates my lashes .Its a very good eyelash primer

I did find that when only using this product alone on my eyelashes and if i used more than one coat it becomes all wet and doesnt dry
it also doesnt hold the curl very well then

Since its transparent it also doesnt show up even if it smudges !
I bought this product fro around $4-5 depending on where you live the prices may vary

Final thoughts:
I really like this product ! its cheap and is an amazing brow gel and gives you natural looking eyelashes . Definitely recommend it and repurchasing

Have you tried out this product? did it work for you ? Share you thoughts down below in the comments

Thank you for reading !
Have a lovely day


  1. ive been using this product for a while now, sometimes my eyes are sensitive and I need a bit of a curl on my lashes so I use this! its great for brows too. Great review!

  2. Hmm.. I haven't seen it but it looks good :)

  3. grt review never seen this mascara but will check out now...

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