Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review : Luscious Eye Shadows ( Smoke and Antique Gold)

Hi to all you sexy peep's reading my blog ;)
lol anyways sorry for the long wait im here today with a new reveiw today im going to be reveiwing luscious eye shadows , which i ordered online a while ago with a bunch of other stuff , i think luscious is the only local brand which is Great in quality and is cruelty free :D
So lets start the review :

Luscious says : 

Are you sick of eyeshadows that fade after you apply them?
We’ve got the perfect solution!

Luscious Eyeshadows are luxuriously creamy, rich, and blendable. They are packed with intense color that will never crease or fade. Enhance your eyes with delicate shimmer and a plush, velvety finish
Antique Gold                     Smoke

My Thoughts :
Well .. i love smoke as it gives me a really matt finish its like a dark balck in its caSE BUT WHEN U APPLY IT IT GIVES A POWDERY SEMIGRAYISH/BLACK FINISH IT ALOS HAS A VERY FINE GLITTER TO IT <3
smoke has been my absolute fav as i have really bad dark circles and it doesnot add to them
the only down side would be that luscious says tht its this charcoal black when its wayyy lighter .
Antique gold has a very copper goldinish touch to it with a multi cloured glitter added to it its great for either a  , highlighting  or just using it as a single shade , although i need to find a proper " look " for it as i did to smoke :P .. They both are very eay to blend :D They are hmmm kinda long lasting and they come off reall easy :D so that means no panda eyes lol


  They are also available in a variety of different colors and i really love the color royal ..
you can check them out here . They are  PKR 325 .. which is very reasonable for a product which has many qualities . I would say the quality , is great they are also Very pigmented :D
i would like to add if you may notice that the colors in the pics on the luscious sites are very different from what they really are and some may need more applications to look vibrant 

Would i recommend them ?
YES! ... its really worth a try 

What do you think about it? Has anyone tried it ? comment below :)
 Thankxx for reading 


  1. Oooo!! This looks really very pretty :) Nice swatch :) Thanks for sharing!
    Well, there is no particular reason of putting up one's signature on the picture. It's just done for copyright purpose :)

  2. pretty colors :) that smoke looks like a purplish gray kind of shade how can they describe it as charcoal black?? :s

  3. @sara thankxx you so much and thankx for sharing the tag info
    @madiha yah i know well its kinda greyish black as i said the pictures on the site donot represent the real color of the product

  4. Great post. Antique gold is such a classy colour. ^^

  5. Beautiful shades. They look lovely together. Very unusual.


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