Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beauty tip of the day : Longer thicker lashes !


Hello and sallam to all !
Here s a quick beauty tip for those who want to have thicker longer lashes !
Vaseline !
coat your lashes with some vaseline before bed , you will soon see that they grow back BLACKER , THICKER AND LONGER !

Another tip is applying olive oil !
i've tried it enough to say that it is full prove ! It increases your eyelash growth by 90% you can see a significant change in the length and amount of lashes !

Another "tip" i would give is avoid rubbing your eyes , not only is it damaging for your eyes but it breaks of many eyelashes

and as always maintain a proper and balanced diet for a beautiful you today and tomorrow !

Have you ever tried any of these method ?! let me know in the comments section below
Thanks for reading !

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