Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello and salam to all
this is my first post and i would like to welcome you all to my blog please do read my "
About me" page and by now you would already know that i love fashion makeup beauty and arts .Basically all of these are a form of art but are presented differently :O

i recently got started in makeup but Fashion, photography and beauty have a relation with me for quoit sometime :)

I feel make-up if not necessary it just plays up your natural features , when you start needing it , just leave it , make up is about art and experimenting not clinging to it and nor do you need it to look beautiful ! ( plz ignore my spelling and grammar mistakes

i am going to be reviewing products ! and all opinions stated are my own , i do not wish to take part in paid reviews i believe my readers should get a perspective of truth.

ALL the opinions stated are how I feel about something or a specific product. You may not like the product, a product may do wonders for my skin but do the opposite to yours . The thoughts here are all my own , through research and experience

Any requests , comments , questions .. anything


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  1. its nice to see another pakistani blogger :) check out my blog its new aswell


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