Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: Luscious Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

Today i am going to be reviewing luscious ultra shine lip gloss in the shades Popsicle and crush !
I got them , not to long ago , but had to make alot of stops to find them :D i have heard alot about them so i decided to give it a try

What does it say ?
Well , luscious claims that it adds a splash of colour with a Delicious fruity scent . It coats lips with a shot of ultra glam which goes on the lips smooth and fast , with a silky brush applicator that gives you perfect control . And that it protects and nourishes your lips with Vitamins A , C and E . Made in U.S.A .They come in a variety of shades . You can check them out here

MY thoughts:
i do agree with luscious that it' s very shiny and has a very fine glittery touch to it . It does make your lips pop out . The bottle was very beautifully made so was its packaging . It comes in a clear bottle through which you can see the colour .



The applicator is very silky as luscious mentioned , it gives you control . I love the applicator as it does not or iretates my lips. the applicator , Its ah-mazing!!!!!

the color for crush is a baby pink with a hint of shocking pink . where as Popsicle is a peachy , Melony shimmer.

How do i use it ?
to me it comes under a every day gloss how ? i mostly use Popsicle as it is a perfect day time color and gives me a natural night time look . I mostly wear crush when going out or at a party . But this is how i wear it : usually i Just wear Posicle or ,i apply Popsicle and using my very clear pink gloss i even and lighten it out . I even wear it on lip sticks and here the applicator comes in handy , while wearing it on lipsticks be sure not to go overboard with it just apply a very thin coat of the gloss .
However the gloss stays for about an hour ( which is very good) you will have to reapply it to make it look fresh .

The gloss is Rs.395 each and i got 2 ;) , in my case this is very reasonable for a gloss which has amazing results , color and quality .
You can get them at a well known drug store , you can located your nearest store and order online from luscious HERE . The best part of there online service is that you donot need a credit card to shop!!!! ( for Pakistan only) you can order and pay cash on delivery ! :D . Luscious also ships internationally . i have ordered many things from luscious and no doubt amazing service!

Would i recommend it ?
Comment below and tell me about your luscious experience !

P.S : SORRY for the underlinig at the beginig i dunt know how it happend o.O
Thankx for reading :)


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  2. WOW. Good to see more Pakistani bloggers :) Following you now. Great review. Love both the shades

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  4. Looking forward to your posts dear :) xoxo

  5. these lipglosses look so pretty <3

    xoxo Christine

  6. these colors look so pretty, nice review :)


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