Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Colours 2010-11

Hi everyone and hope your doing fine :)

We all know its like , the end of November , its getting chilly and Winters coming .Even though i love sweaters , coats and AH-JACKETS!.. i gotta say i don't like winter =P ....
anyways I'm not quit sure of the trends yet but the churidar Pajama is DEF back!
The colour's ( mostly for Contemporary Clothes) that are in this winter are :

3)Purple ( especially the velvet purple)
4)Pink ( especiallylight pink,)
7)Washed out dirty white , with a hint of brown
8)light orange
Brown is soooooooooooo much in you can se it every where , especially in the new and AWESOME ! outfitters winter collection you an check that out HERE ( they are now opening in Dubai :D)

BLUE , is always in i have also made a dark blue and black frok
WINTER 2010-2011:

Purple is and always will be a winter colour it's very much every T-shirt colour This colours dominates every shalwar kameez

I also saw alot of dark and light pink , dark for sweaters and knitted sweaters and light for tanks and shirts

Gul Ahmed Design for 2010-11 :

Light orange
is sooo in for salwar kameez i also bought one for me ;) hehe
Gul Ahmed Designs for 2010-11:

and last but not least Black , wehther its summer or winter black is a all year round colour

and so that was all the IN colurs for winter , i might have missed a few ( sorry for tht)
more colours might be added as winter creeps along :)
Here all the links from where the designs and pics were taken fro
ALERT : looking from the desgins and a little birdy told me that MId-short shirts are making a comeback ;)
and i may not be here for another week or two .. majorwork to do and shopping ;)

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  1. oh great, love to find pakistani bloggers around following u aswell :)

  2. Great blog!!
    Here is my blog, for whenever you feel like visiting!Dont forget to participate in the prize giveaway!Love from Athens!


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