Friday, December 3, 2010

Amazing Outfitters!


So i know i havent been posting lately its because im having my projects, work etc..
Hello everyone so Yesterday i went to outfitters in RWP , and i have never been really impressed with their stuff i saw some of the winter collection on the net and i liked it , i went to the store and literally was blown away by the Trends , taste , quality and Bling ;) they have this winter .. just like WOW!! they didnt have the whole winter collection but it was Amazing. i bought 1 shirt and a sweater but will make a se
cond trip and to Get some more :D and return my Tee
Here is some of there collection :

I know what your thinking WOW! there were a few more amazing designs which i couldn't find on the net :( anyway i really Recommend you that you go and pay a visit to this .. Oh this is a bit pricey but really worth it !!! ( starts from rs1000 ) <-- this is what i found

hope you liked this ...
if you would like to see anything here plz contact me :)
you can see the reast of the designs here

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