Monday, December 6, 2010

How to have long healthy hair ?

Hello and Salam to all
Today i am going to take about a few of the many things to have LONG and HEALTHY hair !
Today what encouraged me to write about hair care is that , today i went in for a trim and my hair dresser well she cut about 3-4 inches of and now my hair is u to my shoulders rather than down my chest :@

First and foremost i would like to put it  out there is that everybody's hair is different yours may grow really really fast and maybe mine wont , so growing your hair out and keeping it healthy needs alot of time and hard-work
here are a few tips to help you have Long and healthy hair ! :

1. Eat the greens! ever heard the expression you arewhat you eat ?! well its true, eat a proper balance diet with lots of veggies,your skin and hair both need vitamins to grow and be healthy
Regular exercise , lots of water and a proper diet will not only help you have long hair but will do wonders for your body

2.Brush your hair with a wide toothed comb only  to prevent breakage and BE GENTLE!

3.Have you heard about getting trims regularly to have long hair well , its a myth :O ...
but do get a trim after 4-8 weeks or so to prevent split ends and keeping the ends neat ,fresh and healthy

4. Avoid strong shampoos and Heating tolls such as blow dryer , straightener etc... if you do
want to use them do it occasionally and Clean them ( trust me makes a huge difference ) and always use a heat protect ant  ALWAYS ! before putting heat on your hair

5.Wash hair every other day : washing your hair every day strips it from its natural oils which keep your hair soft and  nourished . 

6. Do-not brush your hair when wet .. brush before a bath , during a bath or after semi -dry :)

7. OILING : i cannot stress enough on this ! Religiously apply oil to your hair either every week or twice a week . Keep it on for  not more than 1 hour , massage it during that time , also concentrating on the roots and then wash 

8. Temperature : Avoid washing your hair with hot water rather opt for luke warm or cold water and always make sure your final rinse is with cold water , this also adds shine to your hair !

9. Conditioner : Always use a conditioner on the ends of your hair , where most needed and always use the proper amount . Keep it on for atleast 4-8 mins and then rinse . Also deep condition your hair once every week or so . im a hair product junkie so i literally am obsessed with all hair care products /conditioners !

Thank you for reading ! more hair care posts coming soon !
let me know what do you do to keep your hair long and healthy in the comments section below



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