Saturday, February 5, 2011

Luscious new BOLD waterproof metallic eyeliner ?!

Hi and sallam to you all :)
i hope everyone is fine , i know im not blogging for quite some time , the reasons are picasa jst doesnt upload my pictures! and my net was down :( , so today im not actually doing a review , well you know what i mean when you read my post :)

so i ordered luscious ultra shine lip glosses from their site and got it this Friday :D , i got flutter , delight and shine , and may i say i am in love with their shine gloss , its transparent actually all i do is add a little glitter to it and wallah ! im ready to go , its jst really awesome !

ok so i got their beauty book  , for free , along with my order , as i was flipping through it and i came across the 3rd last page i suppose i saw their cream liner for eyes and pencil but on top of tht article was written " BOLD  waterproof metallic eyeliner " and i was frist like hmmm i never thought luscious had these , so i checked their site and they didnt have em ?! , so it must be a new product thats about to launch :D , it doesnt say if its new or abt to be launch , might be a miss print and the product may launch sometime in the summer , any ways here's what luscious says about them : bold color that makes a statement . 8 glorious shades of waterproof , smudge-proof  fade-proof formula  that glides on for long-lasting finish.At last , an eyeliner pencil that keeps its promises!
BOLD Metallic Eyeliner
oh almost forgot they are sparkle eyeliners !!!! , they come in 8 colors , WHITE , DARK GREEN , DARK BLUE , DEEP EGGPLANT ( dark maroon) , FLASHY GREEN , DARK BLACK , LIGHT BLUE , AND METALLIC SILVER

i post a picture but picasa jst doesnt let me :'(  , well i am really excited for these to come out :D and just can't wait , hope Luscious launches them real soon :)

UPDATE: luscious just released them along with an eyebrow definer brush :D check their site for more info :)
they also have changed the names of the colours , but the colours i mentioned describes them more
link :
Thanks for reading , tell me about the new luscious eyeliners if you have heard about them :)


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