Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Beauty babbles

Hi and sallam to all , i really didnt know how to choose the title for this post as its too random but too beauty , i first thought to do a fav post but didnt , so i have little idea for this post - kinda ;)

ooh and i did a haul , but never posted abt it , i think i bought  : LO real paris glam shine lip gloss ( amazing !) , maybelline define a lash mascara , Luscious ultra shine lip loss in flutter , delight and shine ( love shine <3) , body shop lip gloss .. there were a few more products but i dont remember :P i also bought the luscious twilight palette and the art deco magnet box , a while back but never used them :O and i didnt even realized had them .. so if you would like me to do a review on any of these plz let me know ,  and i also recieved there beauty book along with there order and can anyone suggest me a good , and i mean like good , cuz i have tried a bunch of concealers but they either dont stay on long or they just  arent pigmented enough , so can anyone suggest a good concealer for me as i really have bad eye circles , so :)

lately i havent been eating healthy , its not my fault its jst my sweet tooth , i used to order cupcakes from " FUNKY BAKERS "  in Islamabad but its very far away from where i live , so now i discovered " NANA 'S KITCHEN , CAFE " which is far but not tht far , so lately i have been having there cupcakes and God are they damn good , but they r a bit heavy as compared to funky bakers (cafe ) cupcakes .
Funky bakers :
Nana's kitchen :

Funky bakers , cupcakes:

i know this is a really random post 
oh im also in love with hersheys chocolates , especially 

ok so i am in love , with luscious clear lip gloss , which is a transparent gloss ,adn Loreal paris lip gloss in glam shine!   which i got a very sheer pink/brown neutral shade . The glitter is so fine and sparkly , love it :)
luscious :

i also love putting kajal on the top of eye lids ( very little ) then smudging it , even though i apply it very like lightly , but keeping it very close to my lids , it does wonders and also opens your eyes :) i am in love with my eyes as i love how long my lashes are , naturally but they are starightish ,  and  i define my eyes by applying mascara  , in brown or brownish black , as i have black lashes  ,
TIP :  to achieve long lashes just apply a little olive oil on your eye lashes , this will activate the growth of your lashes

i also need a new straightener , that can straighten and curl my hair , cuz i donot like curling irons , i have one but it doesnt curl my hair properly , so anyone who can suggest me a good straighter and a heat protector , well tht would be great :) like apperance wise like this one :

my mom has been loving the new mineral foundation , im young so i try to use as minimum as makeup as possible as my skin is still fresh , so i can literally see the diffrence in her , she doesnt know how to properly apply it but yeah its still alot of diffrence  i mean wow , so i would recommend it to anyone looking for a good MINERAL foundation :)

a few skin care tips , without a sweat:
1) wash your face every chance u get , and let air dry
2)drink lots of water , eat a balanced diet
3)try to keep your fingers off your face
4) use a hand sanitizer
5) clean your phone , yes u heard me right , ever thought how nasty it gets like , you put all that bacteria on your face again and again , so clean your mobiles
6) after exercise wash your face , then use cold water to close the pores
7) keep your hair clean , ever thought about it , your hair is always on your face if ur hair is dirty so will ur face = acne
8) avoid greasy foods
9)  cleanse ur face with a face wash atleast twice a day , and remove make up before you go to sleep
10) MOISTURIZE ! i cannot impahsis how important this is , miisturize !!!!!!!!!!!!

so i have been obsess   with calls new album !! its called "DHOOM " ahhhhhhhhhhhh so great , highly recommend you check them out , they are a Pakistani band :)
i also like this song : , a little old , but great !

i already did a post on the liner but  , luscious has recently launched 2 new products :

Luscious Eyebrow Definer Pencil   

Luscious BOLD Metallic Eyeliner

you can check them out here : , gonna get them soon :D

Valentines day is on monday !  , so what are your plans for this valentines day ;) ? and maybelline has launched an amazing offer ( limited time offer only )

  This Maybelline Valentine-Day campaign will be out in market from 11 Feb 2011 and will continue till stocks last. And in limited stores only in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad.

i have been loving skinny jeans with a very over sized top . 
TIP : never wear skinny jeans with a anything  tight / fitted top always wear loose or flowy or well fitted shirts/tops
i love wearing skinny jeans with a very very over sized jacket , and some converse ,perfect chic/casual dress 

i have also noticed that my hair has grown pretty long , like i cut it till up my shoulder to like my collar bone  in dec , now its down to my , a little above my chest :) , 

i did a hair care post you can check it out here :

i really thought at the middle , oh im gonna write this now and this , but honestly i forgot :( , so how did you like my new post , should  i do posts like these more often ?  your thoghts about the products i mentioned in the post , and  i would be happy to answer Q's and glad if you answered mine :)
thankx for reading 

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