Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's all about STYLE !

hi everyone , and sallam to you all
how's everyone , now i know i shoudlnt say this but i feel as no one reads my blog post the last one ( which was very long ) no one commented on the Q i asked nor did anyone reply on if i should do posts like tht more often , it hurts really :'(
ANYWAYS today i am going to do a fashion update for you guys , as i was flipping through some magazines , i decided why not blog about the trends !

Fashion Accessories

This year its all about being BOLD!

1) the BOLD motif 
so i have seen this quite alot in magazines , sheer lace/favric and laces on the back and front of your kameez , i know sounds diffrent but this year its lace everywhere especially antique style lace . Go for a wider net , a more unique pattren and a strudier fabric rather than a thin stretch .

2) Accessories
Bold and statement jewelry is very in , over the top rings , layered chunky necklaces , and chunky bangels are very in .

3) Leggings
Enjoy them while its still chilly

4) the casual bold look
i blogged about this in my previous post , pair skinny jeans with a casual top , some flats , bangels and yopur good to go , be bold while being casual , tricky but so awesome

5) heels
although im not a big fan of heels , they are very in right now ,  but i feel as summer is aproaching flats are gonna make a comeback !

so this year its about being bold , casual and comfortable ! let me know what you think , and do read my previous post , thanks for reading . i would like to add i wrote a very detailed post but it got deleted :'( so i had to write it again but i was tired so i just touched each point 

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