Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eyes of the Jewels - EOTD

Hello and salam to all ,
Well i did this a while back ago , i was so inspired after watching a YouTube video of a "bejewels " tone makeup , and as these colors are the latest trend for spring :)
i have put together alot of pictures for you guys to see  * NOTE * : products are mentioned below with a few tips

So , how do you guys like it ? ok  so the 3 main colors for this look BLUE , PURPLE and GREY/Silver

so i used a silver eye shade in the inner half and coner of my eye in the last half i used Green/jade which i just patted it *NOTE : DONOT blend as then it will give you a muddy look* then i used a sharp blue color on my crease * in the photos * but only till the quater half of my eye . then over the silver eye shadow i used my luscious Masquerade eye shadow , just over the silver eye shadow . Oh and do bring and work the jade in the outer corner of your eye till the ends of your lower lashes , then line your lower lash with a purple eyeshadow and purple eye liner  *NOTE * im not wearing any mascara or eye liner and if u want to include in your look you can . Do look at the pictures for reference

Products i used :  ( very few )
Luscious Twilight kit 
Miss rose candy eye shadows 
maybelline colour mix , laser purple eyeliner

yup thts it :) hope you like it note no blending :) and do comment :)


  1. nice..i wish the colors were more pigmented.. :(

  2. they were i just didnt know how to capture tht on my camera thts the problem with my eotd :( , but thnkx :)


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