Monday, March 14, 2011

Review : Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks

Sallam and hope everyone is fine :)
 first off , can anyone like give me suggestions on what you migh want to see here on my blog , thankx
today i am goingto be reviewing rimmel long lasting lipstick for you guys :)

so i have their Lipstick in the shade in DIZZY . when i was at the store i saw tht really had alot of color variety

the pakaging is sweet and simple :) it has the rimmel crown symbol on their cap :)
Its a very Pinkish shade  slight  purplish . Its is very lon lasting as the company says , it stayed put for a long time :) after the lipstick itself fades there is a fine shimmer that remains very fine tht is . the finish is matte with a sleek shiny , barely noticeable .

this is how the product looks on my HAND 
do remember every girls lips are different and as to how the lipstick/gloss might appear
I hope you liked the review :)


  1. I like this color :) very pretty

  2. Hi,
    Nice review:)Ok i have a question;)where did u buy it and how much did u pay for it?

  3. Hey.. thanks for following my blog!
    I'll follow you back and pretty blog.. keep it up!

    & pray for Pakistan.. inshallah they'll win the worldcup haha.
    lol, if you wonna keep in touch with me then you can just e-mail me on :)

    thanks beautiful <3

  4. @shahtaj i bought it from D-watson in blue area and i dont remember for how much :/ @ilovefashion urwelcome , and thankyou , yah i hope they win :) will stay in touch :) thankx everyone :)

  5. Great post! I really like the shade. Will look for it ;)


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