Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review : Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara

Hello and sallam to all,
today i am going to review Maybellines define a lash mascara .. had it for a while thought i should review it :

Here's what Maybelline's site says about it:
This zero clump mascara creates stunning length with clean definition.
Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic
Washable; also available in waterproof formula

My Thoughts about it :
I REALLY like this mascara  , i have this in the blackish brownish shade , got it a while back . im really impressed with it . The formula is great though after a long time gets clumpy , well thats with all the mascara's . i Fully agree with maybelline that it defines and lengthens my lashes to an extreme length ! .. i dont apply much coats still it gives me a define look ..i like to work with 1-2 coats and then really work with the mascara wand  :)

I like the wand but its a little rubber-ish ? it's easy to bend or break it .. but i love the small bristles and larger bristles on its wand

I have this in the none-waterproof formula.
I totally agree when maybelline says lengthen ! oh yes it does that !

My Bare lashes

After Applying 1-2 coats of mascara

one thing i've got to mention is tht i have long lashes on the very end , which are hard to get sadly it didnt get them :/ , but i dont mind since its a great product
i dont remember for how much i got the product but it was pricey about 850-950 rs!

Would i recommend it ?
Its a really great product ! a 100 % yes .. but a bit pricey , if its in your range Definitely purchase it

Has anyone purchased it , let me know your thoughts . thankx for reading .. dont forget to comment :)

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