Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review :Luscious BOLD Metallic Eyeliner

Hey and sallam to all ,
today i will be reviewing these lovely eye pencils by luscious , hope you like it and dont forget to comment :)

What the company says :

Bold color that makes a statement. Eight glorious shades of sparkling eyeliner that deliver powerful, vibrant color. A waterproofsmudge-prooffade-proof formula that glides on for a long-lasting finish. At last, an eyeliner pencil that keeps its promises!
Opthamologist Tested
Lanolin Free

My thoughts :
I got these a long time ago , a while after they came out i have these in the shades " peacock green " and "metallic purple " .

peacock green

metallic purple
i've had a good experience with them :) i totally agree with luscious on the smudge proof , long lasting and waterproof part , but not in the fade proof part ... when you apply them , i dont find them as vibrant as luscious says they show up pretty well on ur hand but not tht great on your eyes , although thats what i found with metallic purple , but at the same time it really complemented my eyes :) .. when you are about to take your makeup off you will notice that the liner is still there but has faded , or in general it just fades away but is still there .. hence its very long lasting and waterproof :) , i dont find any sparkle which luscious promises . But im happy with the product as i bought them especially to complement my eyes which they do perfectly 

They cost Rs. 245 each , a bit pricey for a liner pencil , but definitely affordable 
they come in 8 shades check them out . here 
Would i recommend them ?

Yes , why not 

Hope you liked the review , tell me your experience , and dont forget to comment , btw anyone tried those sweet tooth liners ?
Saleha :)


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